I’m taking a bit of a break from making cakes and cookies. In fall of 2022, I returned to the classroom, and the daily demands of teaching – plus building up new lesson plans – simply isn’t leaving me the time to devote to cakes that I’ve had in the past. With any luck, that answer can change for summers in the future, but for today, I’m closing off my consult forms. Thank you all so much for the design concepts that have so inspired me over the last several years. This isn’t goodbye, it’s “see you later.”

I’m happy to announce that my new branding starts to go into effect today! “Cakes by Sarah Williams” will now be “As You Wish Sweets”! I’m tremendously excited about this new name and what it means to me – and to you! The new name, to me, is an important conceptual change, and it makes two things clear: first, that I create more than cakes, and second, it evokes the personal design sense and desires that each of you brings through my doors.

I grew up in the kitchen, learning to bake and decorate from my mother and grandmother. In 2008 I began taking classes to improve my decorating skills. Initially, I only wanted to be able to make fancy cakes for my family and friends. Soon, I began making cakes for more and more people; I realized cake decorating is something at which I excel.

I began to take advanced courses from as many sources as possible and continue to do so. I have tested and developed recipes to be as full of flavor as possible with the desire to be free of preservatives. All of my recipes are from scratch using the freshest ingredients available.

While I was still improving my own skills, I was approached to teach others. In 2009 I became an independent, trained Wilton Method® Instructor. This allowed me to share my love of decorating with many others as well as helping them make special treats for their friends and family.

I am currently creating cakes out of my home kitchen through the  Michigan Cottage Food Law. You can contact me to order a cake for your next special occasion at sarah@AsYouWishSweets.com or at (248) 703-6270. After learning about your wishes, I will design a one of a kind creation that is delicious and gorgeous.