I’m taking a bit of a break from making cakes and cookies. In fall of 2022, I returned to the classroom, and the daily demands of teaching – plus building up new lesson plans – simply isn’t leaving me the time to devote to cakes that I’ve had in the past. With any luck, that answer can change for summers in the future, but for today, I’m closing off my consult forms. Thank you all so much for the design concepts that have so inspired me over the last several years. This isn’t goodbye, it’s “see you later.”

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Consultations are closed for the foreseeable future. Thank you for visiting!

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Every cake is unique because every wedding is unique! Whether you have buttercream dreams or you’re a fan of fondant, let us design a one-of-a-kind cake to fit your style and wishes!

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Do you have a truly unique idea you want turned into a cake? Bring us your ideas and we’ll turn them into an edible display to remember.


Cookies make wonderful favors, beautiful platters to display at your party, and some flavors can also be presented as a bouquet.


Regular or mini cupcakes are a great way to let your guests choose their own flavors at your special event.

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Fondant and gumpaste decorations and display plateau rentals are just two of the additional services we provide.

Batman v Superman Cake

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice – Metropolis Public Library Cake

Posted on Fri, 03/25/2016

Alright! I can FINALLY reveal what I’ve been keeping under wraps for the last 18 months! Almost two years ago, I was chosen to produce an elaborate prop cake for the local filming of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! It was an amazing experience, and I’ll be sharing a load of in-progress pictures in the coming days, and talking about my amazing experience on set! For now, enjoy a few looks at the cake, including one that the production company sent me from the shoot at MSU’s Broad Art Museum.

Chapter 1: It Begins


I look forward to hearing from you and discussing your dream cake!

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